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Hooked Team

We are Hooked Sounds, a Nottinghamshire based promoter & label specialising in all things drum and bass. We started up in 2020 and have now organically grown a community consisting of over 10k followers across all platforms. We have hosted events in multiple cities around the country and played our first festival last year in Wales.

We are gassed to play Leeds Festival this year as we’ve got DJs who are becoming big names within the scene. Furthermore, we are looking to branch out to Leeds at the start of next year.

Please look out for further information on that one. As a team we are so excited to bring you some of the biggest upcomers in the drum and bass scene from 11pm-6am everyday. We have plenty of surprises, such as world firstB2B’s and so much more instore for you all! We will be showcasing a variety of genres from 140bassline to UK jump-up, catering to all your musical needs throughout the night.

See you at Leeds!