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Herbz is easily one of the most inovative & exciting names the drum and bass scene has been blessed with for years. Known mostly for his insane mixture of disgustingly grotty, head spinning, drill infused jump up tracks, Herbz began listening to dnb at the young age of 11, inspired by the likes of Hedex, Toxinate & Latte. He used this inspiration to start producing in the final quarter of 2021 as he really wanted to find his own signature sound & style to stand out from the rest, and with only 2 years experience of producing, has worked with some of the most reputable upcoming labels such as Kingdom Audio & Backhands Collective – with insane hits like his “Meekz – Hoods Hottest” bootleg, which sat comfortably at #1 in the Hypeddit Charts for over a week straight, his “Unknown T – Homerton B” Bootleg which struck #4 and his successful list of solo releases on top of this. Herbz is for sure one of the most exciting names to burst onto the scene in years, and he’s sitting on a countless stack of dubs which he is ready to unleash and absolutely tear up the scene with.