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Big Heath

Big Heath

BiG HEATH is not only an artist that embraces being different but also dares you to be different.

The story of an overweight kid from Cambridge with a stutter and a love for rap music goes back to his birth year of 1995.

Jump forward to 2017 following some notable live support slots with both Nas and Freddie Gibbs, BiG HEATH arrived with an almighty bang onto the scene with his track ‘SWiTCH SiDES’. The track, tangled with infectious rhyming patterns and lyrics of not wanting to be accepted is illustrated by his much loved, larger than life persona.

His live shows are a must-see spectacle. High energy performances are juxtaposed with rap spat with an obsessive precision.

The artist known to many as BiG HEATH but more importantly known to his Nan as Christopher has a message.

“Why be anyone else when you can be yourself”.