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Bad Boy Chiller Crew

Meet Bad Boy Chiller Crew, the Bradford outfit that have gone from local jokers to one of the most hyped acts in British music today

If you cut to the core of Bad Boy Chiller Crew, they’d have Bradford written all the way through them like a stick of rock.

“When we make our videos, we want to represent what Bradford’s about,” says GK, the oldest member of the crew. “The rally driving, the nightclubs, the horses. It’s like every typical thing you’d see in Bradford shovelled into one video.”

The trio, comprised of MCs GK, a former ice-cream van man and Kane and Clive, ex factory and warehouse workers have become a bonafide phenomenon and the de-facto voice of working class Britain thanks to their high-energy take on the classic bassline sound and breathless vocal delivery on tracks including ‘Pablo’, ‘Bradford Crew’ and ‘450’.