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Baby Said

Veronica and Jess Pal’s musical journey began at a very young age. Veronica first picked up the acoustic guitar at the age of 6, inspired by a band of guitarists she saw at church. She pursued her passion for music by completing all her guitar exams up to grade 8, transitioning from classical guitar to electric guitar. Jess, on the other hand, started playing acoustic guitar at the age of 4, often playing alongside her sister. After experimenting with keyboards and piano, Jess was drawn to the bass guitar after watching the live performance of Måneskin at Sanremo in 2021.

Their journey as Baby Said was ignited after a summer of busking in 2021. Their talents were quickly recognized, and they were invited to play in local venues, leading to the birth of their covers band, AstroModa. In just two years, they have performed at over 200 gigs all over the country, building their confidence and skills to pursue their goal of writing, recording, and releasing their own original music. In March 2023, Baby Said partnered with Big Hug Management, a significant step in their musical career. With this new collaboration, the sisters chose the name “Baby Said,” inspired by their favourite song, “Baby Said” by their favourite band, Måneskin.

Now, armed with their latest single, Baby Said stands poised to captivate the global soundscape, positioning themselves as heralds of a new era in music. Their anthems, infused with a potent message of self-belief and unwavering determination, resonate with the hearts of all who have dared to chase their dreams against the backdrop of adversity.