Rebel Bingo

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Rebel Bingo

We invented Rebel Bingo by accident in the basement of a church hall in London one night. We're not quite sure how but it slowly became a global revolution. The old school bingo community don't like us. They think we are desecrating their game. We're just trying to have fun. They are mean.  

This is not bingo. It's Rebel Bingo. It's loud and emotional. Stay focused. Play with honour. Or try to cheat, sometimes that works. Or don't play at all, and just party. It's your choice. You can win prizes. They are the sorts of things you don't really think you'll need - but when you see  them you will want them more than anything you have ever wanted in your whole life and if you win them you will cry and your life will be better. If you want to be part of something you believe in, come play with us.

It's not just a game anymore.

It's a revolution.